In critical times art matters more than ever

“Liberate” – Breanna Bayba, Linocut print, 20″ x 30″

Juntos Creamos/Together We Create is the theme of an exciting art internship that has brought together students to create “Art for the Community.” Under the direction of Kua`aina Associates, seven seniors from the Berkeley High School Arts and Humanities Academy (AHA) have had the unique opportunity to be instructed and mentored by master printmaker, Emmanuel C. Montoya, during a series of after-school studio sessions and ancillary activities.

A Community Participatory Public Art Experience

Through a hands-on community participatory public art experience the AHA interns facilitated a brain-storming session with a 5th grade class at Rosa Parks Elementary School in West Berkeley, California to formulate design ideas for their prints inspired by a quote from the late Rosa Parks. They also conduct a print workshop with the 5th graders to introduce them to the medium of printmaking.

In February 2013, the AHA seniors will have the opportunity to make a transition from “studio to gallery” by exhibiting their prints at Café Yesterday, a local coffee house in West Berkeley. The series of prints that the AHA seniors create and the prints from the Rosa Parks’ print workshop will then become a permanent installation at Rosa Parks Elementary School for the West Berkeley community to enjoy and call their own.

It is our hope that Juntos Creamos/Together We Create will provide both the AHA and Rosa Parks students a deeper sense of self, an important step in developing their own understanding of the centrality of the “arts to humanity,” especially for the AHA students as they prepare for graduation and make their transition into the adult world. We anticipate that this project will be a memorable experience and ultimately have an impact on them as they strive to reach their full academic and artistic potential.

About the prints:  Design ideas were developed from input from one of Rosa Parks’ 5th grade classes during a brain-storming session the AHA interns facilitated. The theme of the print edition is inspired by the following quote:

“I believe we are here on the planet Earth to live, grow up and do what we can to make this world a better place for all people to enjoy.”  Rosa Parks (1913 – 2005)

Juntos Creamos/Together We Create 2012-13 Artist Interns:  Oliver Barton, Breanna Bayba, Brian Casimiro, Johanna Greenspun, Sophie Hartnett, Sheril Kumar and Molly Rosenthal.

A special mahalo to Emmanuel C. Montoya, Project Art Director, and Miriam Stahl,  AHA Lead Teacher.

Directed by Kua`aina Associates and funded by the San Francisco Foundation.

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