Our Heritage . Our Cultures . Our Future . Our Responsibility

Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (DRIP) Youth Poster Campaign 2013

Kua`aina, in partnership with the United Coalition to Protect Panhe, created a poster to raise awareness among Indigenous youth about the U.N. Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP). For this project the theme was, “What does the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples mean to you and your Nation?”  A call for emerging indigenous artists was done and the result was the collaboration of four artists.

About the DRIP Youth Poster Image:

•The circular eagle feathers with the four directions symbol, represents the human race.

•The Pelican has great cultural significance to many coastal California Indians and was chosen by the artists because the Pelican is rarely used in Indian art.

•The stylized hands symbolize the care of “Our Heritage, Our Cultures, Our Future, and Our Responsibility” which are in our hands.

•The tattoo designs represent the diversity of indigenous peoples from a global community that has made California their home. 

•The water designs are there to remind us that “water” is vital to all “living things” and without it we cannot survive.

•The other images in the poster are representative to the indigenous California Indians.

Poster Artists: Anthony Sull (Rumsen Ohlone), Joey Montoya (Mayan/Lipan Apache), Jose Gonzales – lead artist (Chicano). Graphic Artists: Jeremy Arviso (Navajo) Project Staff: Carolyn Kuali`i, Project Director (Hawaiian/Apache) and Rico Miranda, Project Manager (Rumsen Ohlone).

The DRIP Youth Poster Campaign was made possible with the support of the Christensen Fund and the Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples, Inc. 

To download the poster image for FREE and learn move about UNDRIP go to: http://kuaainaassociates.com/Kuaainaassociates.com/Home.htmlImage

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