Following: Paper & Blade: Storytelling Under the Knife – New Works by Artists Mayumi Hamanaka, Adrienne Heloise, Ian Kuali`i and Kai Margarida-Ramirex de Arellano


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Paper & Blade: Storytelling Under the Knife artist fellow Kai Margarida-Ramirez De Arellano video piece…her image transforms into the textile. Kai is working from her Satellite Studio @ Parsons The New School for Design where she is a MFA Fine Arts candidate. Kai will be joining the other de Young artist fellows in the Kimball Gallery late March. 

Artist’s Statement: “My work in the recent years has engaged with these photographs taken by my great-great grandmother. I call this an inter-generational collaboration across the realms. Blowing up the photographs, I can see my ancestors’ faces clearer than ever before. Sometimes they are younger than I am. By cutting into the images, I begin to insert myself into the stories, and I begin to tell a new story that is still in the process of becoming. 

The patterns I cut out of the photographs are sourced from the tile floors in Puerto Rico (which actually are references to the Moorish tiles in Spain) during the 18-and early 1900’s and in my great-grandmother’s house. These tile floors are one of the only shared experiences I have with my mother and grandmother. We all played on those floors, and the patterns were our first encounters with geometry, a sacred and mystical field of epistemology”.

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