Kua`aina Associates Presents…the last Visiting Artist of Celebrating Pacific Island Arts Series 2015

Sulu`ape Keone Nunes

 Sulu`ape Keone Nunes photo by Kapulani Landgraf

Sulu`ape Keone Nunes
photo by Kapulani Landgraf

While growing up in the 60ʻs, 70ʻs and 80ʻs Keone Nunes was fortunate to have sat and learned from Kupuna (elders) from his family and the Hawaiian community. Although there were many subjects that were discussed, one that became an important focus was the information shared about Uhi (Hawaiian tattoo). This has been a focus of Keone since the late 1980ʻs. Keone has been doing uhi since 1990 with machines. In 1996 Keone met Suʻa Suluʻape Paulo, originally from Apia, Samoa, but who lived in Auckland, New Zealand, this meeting laid the foundation for Keone to be able to do uhi in the same fashion as was done for over 1,000 years in Polynesia with traditional tools. Keone studied under Suʻa Suluʻape Paulo until his passing in 1999. He has been doing work with traditional Polynesian tools exclusively since 2000.

In 2001 Keone was given the honor of receiving a title from the family of Suʻa Suluʻape Paulo. He was the first Hawaiian to receive the Suluʻape title and among the first non-Samoans to receive this prestigious title.

Keone has been a primary force in the re-establishment of uhi in the Hawaiian community. He has shared his thoughts on designs, techniques, and cultural importance of Hawaiian uhi in Europe, Asia, Polynesia and the Continental United States. He has also given the honor of being named #22 of the 101 Most Influential People in Tattooing in the world by Bob Baxter former editor for Skin and Ink magazine and currently Editor-in-Chief for Tattooroadtrip.com.

Along with his passion for uhi, Keone has also founded Kaʻananiau, a company that is currently contracted by the Administration for Native Americans to provide training and technical assistance to native non-profit organizations in the Pacific region. He is the Project Director for ANAʻs Pacific region training and technical assistance center.

Save the Dates for Keone’s Specail Northern CA Presentations

unnamedOctober 2: E wehe ana i ka maoli (uncovering what is real) – An Evening Celebrating the Artistry of Pacific Island Tattoo“Friday Nights at the deYoung” 

from 5pm – 8:30pm at the deYoung Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco, Golden Gate Park 50 Hagiwara Tea Garden Drive, San Francisco, CA 94118

E wehe ana i ka maoli (uncovering what is real)- Undressing the Savage Lecturer: Sulu`ape Keone Nunes (traditional tattooist)   7:15pm to 8pm, Wilsey Court

A special “Friday Nights at the deYoung” lecture presentation on the practice and tradition of Hawaiian kākau and the revival of tattooing among other indigenous peoples. The evening’s program will also feature local Pacific Island tattoo artists and a fashion show showcasing tattoo designs. This presentations is part of the deYoung’s Public Programs in conjunction with the Royal Hawaiian Featherworks: Na Hulu Ali`i exhibit. 

Specail Guest Tattoo Artists presenting in the deYoung’s Piazzoni Murals Room: Pauhi: Sulu`ape Keone Nunes, Kawika Au, Keli`i Makua; Soul Signature Tattoo: Joel Albanez & CJ Gopez; Humble Beginnings Tattoo: Chris Gonzalas & Melissa Manuel; Kealoha Designs: Andrew Kealoha; and tattoo artists: John Palega and Lomani Gaunavinaka.

— — — — —

October 3: Traditional Hawaiian Kākau (tattoo) & the Revival of California Indian Tattoo Traditions

from 3pm to 5:30pm –  Inter-tribal Friendship House, 523 International Blvd, Oakland, CA 94606

Presenters: Sulu`ape Keone Nunes (traditional tattooist), Artist, L. Frank Manriquez, (Tongva-Achachemen) and special guest. 

A speical community presentation on the traditon of Hawaiian kākau and the revival of California Indian tattoo traditions will be the topic for a cross-culture conversation with the Bar Area Native American community. 

— — — — —

Sulu`ape Keone Nunes will also be visiting with the Indigenous California Indian Communities of Humboldt County in late September. 

For more information on these events please contact kuaaianassociates@gmail.com

Mahalo to following for helping to make CPIA 2015 a big success:

CPIA’s Community Partners: The Oakland Museum of California, Studio Grand in Oakland, the deYoung Museum, California Historical Society PPIE100, East Bay Media Center, Humboldt Foundation/Native Cultures Fund, Alliance for California Traditional Arts, The Warrior Institute, Inter-Tribal Friendship House and Samoan Solutions, Inc.

Celebrating Pacific Island Arts is presented by Kua`aina Associates, an Indigenous Arts and Cultures non-profit based in Berkeley, CA., and made possible by the generous support from the Christensen Fund, Akonadi Foundation 2015 Beloved Community Fund and Private Donors.logoVisit Kua`aina’s website: http://kuaainaassociates.com/Kuaainaassociates.com/Home.html

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